#239 – The “Lost” Israel/Pfizer Docs – Israel founding Hamas?

#238 – Pat Miletich – The State of America and the World – Cancelled over J6 – Returning to the Octagon
October 15, 2023
#240 – Outlawed Books – The All Seeing Eye – Part 50
October 19, 2023
Darren and Graham chat about the war in the middle east, Sasha’s Substack on the ‘Found” agreements between Pfizer and the Israeli government, and CBC emails regarding terrorism. More accusations of Israel founding Hamas, is this true?
We also chat about gun control being dead – the Israeli Grandpa example, pro Palestine gatherings all over, the map difference between the countries that funded Ukraine and those that recognize Palestine as a state. Interesting….
Summer of SADS – Dr. William Makis, looking at the industries with high uptake in Jabs…
A quote from the Raging Dissident below.
From Jeremy the Raging Dissident:
“The IDF has never been in a real fight in a very long time. Decades.
Shooting kids and civilians isn’t battle, sorry.
They didn’t participate in the previous 20 years of war at all – we did not just the heavy lifting, but all of it.
Their walls were being manned by tik tok whores while their intelligence was busy fucking around in Ukraine.
They are relying entirely on an overwhelming technological advantage and it made them soft. Faced with the reality of face to face, close quarters fighting block to block for months where even a well trained and experienced force would lose half it’s men, they don’t have the stomach for it.
They do everything the cowardly backstabbing, sleight of hand, sneaky snake, kill you in your bed at night while you’re sleeping- kind of way.
They’re entitled pussies, their army is woke as hell and its 50%+ female. Any of the senior, 20+ year veterans they have would be in charge these days and would probably be reminding their chain of command what the actual reality is – that it is no longer 2003.
“Clouds” lol”
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