#238 – Pat Miletich – The State of America and the World – Cancelled over J6 – Returning to the Octagon

#237 – Outlawed Books – The All Seeing Eye – Part 49
October 11, 2023
#239 – The “Lost” Israel/Pfizer Docs – Israel founding Hamas?
October 16, 2023
#237 – Outlawed Books – The All Seeing Eye – Part 49
October 11, 2023
#239 – The “Lost” Israel/Pfizer Docs – Israel founding Hamas?
October 16, 2023
Pat Miletich joins us for a chat about his upcoming fight in the Octagon, getting cancelled while watching the world go sideways, MMA culture, Climate change and vaccine debates.
We also talk about growing your own food, organic substances, synthetic molecules, converting soils, hemp farming, research into human sickness, J6 plants and who THEY are in this case, understanding anger, and gut biome.
In the second half we get deeper into stuff. The modern medical Nazi experiments, standing up for the abused, the satanic war over soil, vaccines, lipid nano particles, emergency systems, mono crops, regenerative farming, mycelium, children of God, turbo cancer, turning it up a notch and the Weimar comparison with the USA in Canada.
Pat Miletich
Proud father, Former UFC Champ, UFC HOF, organic soil, food and supplement proponent, seeker of truth.
Check out his return to the ring on OCT 14!
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