#21 – Matt deMille

#20 – Larry Sharpe
May 5, 2021
#22 – Ken Rohla
May 22, 2021
#20 – Larry Sharpe
May 5, 2021
#22 – Ken Rohla
May 22, 2021
Matt DeMille, the X Hollywood Indiana Jones FreeMason Mantauk boy joins us or a great chat about Hellyweird, Childhood experimentations, Q games, Epstein, JRR Tolkien, modern magick, the thin veil of manifested reality, UFO’s, Trump and Warp speed and ancient mysteries.
As the weird becomes the norm and we struggle between not giving a shit and our personal crusades we still need resistance and rebellion in the battle for freedom of consciousness  
In the second half we chat about the 4 controlling factions of Hollywood, which is more mystical than we think. We also get into Babylon Working, negative entities, Dark Preisthood’s, OTO, Devil’s gate, Laurel Canyon, white gold, Mana, global gangs, the Templars, organ harvesting, adrenochrome, Royal Khazarian Vampires and quitting freemasonry.
How about a crazy project with Thoth tablets for our own manifestation. 
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