#308 – Anton Bueckert and Mike Kiernan – Canadian Nightmare – Picktons Piggies Palace and the Farm

#307 – Outlawed Round Up 6.19.24 – Indian Outlaws – Laying Yankee Pipe
June 19, 2024
#309 – Outlawed Round Up 6.26.24 – Flagpoling, Electioneering Backfire, Enviro NGO Slush
June 26, 2024
#307 – Outlawed Round Up 6.19.24 – Indian Outlaws – Laying Yankee Pipe
June 19, 2024
#309 – Outlawed Round Up 6.26.24 – Flagpoling, Electioneering Backfire, Enviro NGO Slush
June 26, 2024
Anton Bueckert aka Crow Qu’appelle of Nevermore Media and Mike Kiernan stepdad to missing person found deceased Chelsea Poorman join us for a gruesome chat about murders in BC, cover up’s by RCMP, the ongoing missing indigenous women and a deep cut into the Pickton Pig Farm case.
We get into the Pickton story, especially since he was recently killed in jail just before day parole, the DNA from the case, Anton’s Substack series – Canadian Nightmare, and the case of Mike’s missing daughter and how he thought that was completely mishandled by the cops. We talk about the book “That Lonely Section of Hell”.
Was Pickton a fall guy for the Hells Angels or worse? Why did the cops not seem to investigate Chelsea’s disappearance? Are there any hero’s in this story? What was Piggies Palace and how can one of the brothers still be working for the city? What was the time frame for this whole case? How did Michael find evidence left over at the scene at the mansion in Shaughnessy?
In the second half it get’s worse if that is even possible. We talk about how this is still going on, how new highs are being hit in BC, or do they even know really how many women are missing? What about the 200,000 articles of evidence, and the 20 murders that he was not charged for? Why do they really wanna get rid of evidence and why was the VPD cockblocked by the RCMP?
Is this racism? Why is this still going on? Was the 2010 Olympics a cover to cleanse the perception of Vancouver and area? What about the additional 80 victims? What was happening with the bodies? Is the pig meat contaminated with human meat? What was it about Trudeau from Anton’s previous Substacks? Is this whole thing connected with wider global human trafficking problem? Or was it just a local disposal service? And what about the child trafficking ring in Prince George past the Highway of Tears?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRMbtfG3wus Crime Beat – Secrets of a Mansion
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