#306 – Dustin Nemos – Censored End Times Edgelord Sage – The Archivist

#305 – Daniel Packard – The Nervous System Reset vs The Improvement Industrial Complex
June 8, 2024
#307 – Outlawed Round Up 6.19.24 – Indian Outlaws – Laying Yankee Pipe
June 19, 2024
#305 – Daniel Packard – The Nervous System Reset vs The Improvement Industrial Complex
June 8, 2024
#307 – Outlawed Round Up 6.19.24 – Indian Outlaws – Laying Yankee Pipe
June 19, 2024

Dustin Nemos joins us for a chat about his journey from Atheism to Christianity and Truther. We chat about the Seed War, King Charles and the Symbolism, Satanism, the Antichrist, Trump, threat assessment, how they all ‘touch’ the wall, baby foreskin onion rings, the Chosen One, Crypto Joos, war of Islam, God wins in the end, Nimrod, Prophecy, the Lawkeeper and the Catholic Church killing the Christians.

In the last part – extended even more than half we get into atrocity propaganda, 109 Nations, the 12 Tribes of Israel, the trans agenda, Old Testament claims, the Bloodline, Roman hate speech laws, Anunnaki Prince, cannibalistic Giants, Titans, the Flood and the vapour canopy, The possession confession, types of Bibles, The Septuagint, Gog and Magog, Fallen Angels, Crowley and Jack Parsons, Supernatural Powers and the reconnecting the lost empire.

The lazy incompetent over confident elite have lost the narrative….


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