#229 – Paul Schatzkin – The Man Who Mastered Gravity – Thomas Townsend Brown and Philo Farnsworth

#228 – David Mathisen – From Myths of the Stars to The Great Reset and Financial System
September 15, 2023
#230 – Stolen Water – Net Zero Disobedience – Soros Tiktok’s, and Border Travels
September 25, 2023
#228 – David Mathisen – From Myths of the Stars to The Great Reset and Financial System
September 15, 2023
#230 – Stolen Water – Net Zero Disobedience – Soros Tiktok’s, and Border Travels
September 25, 2023
Paul Shatzkin joins us for a great chat about his two books “The Boy Who Invented Television – A Story of Inspiration, Persistence and Quiet Passion”, and “The Man Who Mastered Gravity – A Twisted Tale of Space, Time and The Mysteries In Between”. A fascinating journey from their births around 1905/06 right when Enstein shocked the world and deleted ‘Ether’, these two inventors grew up and might have played a role in early UFOLOGY / Flying Saucers and a break away civilization.
We chat about the anomalous effect that Brown discovered as a teen and the sketch of a TV that Farnsworth did as a teen. Is synthetic gravity possible? Nuclear fusion back then? We also get into Weinstein on JRE, the Beifield-Brown effect, MIB realm, time travel, tethered saucers, NRO, the star in a jar, and some of Malcolm Bendall’s work.
In the second half we get into the USS Eldrige, all the pop culture nods to Brown and Farnsworth – Fringe, Futurama, Back to the Future, American Hustle and Projekt Saucer. Did the Philadelphia Experiment actually happen? What is Paul’s pet theory? What about Oppenheimer? What was the Caroline Group, how long were they around for and are they still? Is there a higher intelligence in the Universe? What happened to Brown at Pearl Harbour? Did Farnsworth’s ‘fusion device’ power Brown’s Saucer. Why would he move to Laurel Canyon and then Catalina Island? Coincidence… that that island is one of the hottest UFO spots?
We also get into Simulation, quantum mechanics, the medium is the message, the device, the ether and David Grusch. Are people making stars in the jars now?
Paul Schatzkin has been described variously as a visionary, gadfly, serial entrepreneur, Internet pioneer, staunch McLuhanist, author, occasional bomb-thrower, guitarist and songwriter. He was born in New York City and raised in Springsteen Country (Monmouth County, NJ) He has spent the first two decades of twenty-first century researching and writing these two biographies of obscure scientists from the twentieth.
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