#225 – Wayne Mathias – The Open Sanctum – Transhumanist Mind Control

#224 – Outlawed Books – The All Seeing Eye – Part 45
September 6, 2023
#226 – Excess mortality – Doctored Death Certs – The Prep Act
September 11, 2023
#224 – Outlawed Books – The All Seeing Eye – Part 45
September 6, 2023
#226 – Excess mortality – Doctored Death Certs – The Prep Act
September 11, 2023
Wayne Mathias of The Open Sanctum joins us to chat about Transhumanist Mind Control. He is a sci fi writer who went down a research rabbit hole about the history of mind control and also where it’s headed. He lives in the belly of the beast and we have a good chat about mysticism and materialism, coming to appreciate old religious philosophy, the spiritual hierarchy, nuance of the civil war, staying ahead of reality, initiations, dissociation, magnetism, hypnosis, brain mapping and The Brain Initiative.
In the second half we get into opto, chemo and magneto genetics and how they are genetically modifying the neurons. Are they simply doing the mapping now? We show the example of the Pink Floyd song heard through the brains of others, and how attention is the coin of the realm.
We also speculate about graphine oxide, spirituality in science fiction, critical thinking, current mind control techniques with the phone and internet. He talks about sneaking into Bohemian Grove, dual use tech, rise of social media, meeting Timothy Leary, the future, bizarre inspirations, pole shift and making contact with an intuitive source of wisdom.
Sci-Fi Writer, Intern of the Mystic Arts, Knight of the Order of Chaos, Multidelusional Man of Mystery, Tinfoil Beret (ret.) Ligma Johnson Truther
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