#216 – Yuri – Subverting Subversion – A Dissidents Guide to Progressive Life

#215 – Outlawed Books – The All Seeing Eye – Part 42
August 16, 2023
#217 – Hottest Ever? – Ontario Land Grab and Surgery Wait Deaths -Round Up Aug/21
August 21, 2023
#215 – Outlawed Books – The All Seeing Eye – Part 42
August 16, 2023
#217 – Hottest Ever? – Ontario Land Grab and Surgery Wait Deaths -Round Up Aug/21
August 21, 2023

Yuri (Bezmenov) from Substack joins us to chat about Subverting Subversion, A dissident’s guide to modern urban progressive life through sarcasm, memes, and data. We chat about his family immigrating from China and the cultural revolution, struggle sessions, the parallels with whats happening today, racism, Yuri Bezmenov’s speech from 1984, Demoralized Ivy League, poc and now white adjacent, FUPAZ, The Great Leap Forward and The Long March.

We also encountering possessed and Pavlovian people during Covid and rethinking religion. Escape from NY, the current thing and how we have to watch for ours, letting the dust settle, and the left controlled levers.

In the second half we get into cancel culture, staying rooted and meditative, government tech companies, the amorphous enemy, a multi national civil war, Freedom vs Tyranny, ESG, revolving doors, the corrupted NGO’s and Institutions, shielding the kids, zero consumption for young ones, booster mandate firings, humble bragging, getting connected with like minded people, staying social, proxy wars and being Happy Warriors.

His Substack.  Each post will have a theme and provide a unique window into clown world demoralization, as well as ways to take action and subvert the subversion. Think of it as a based written version of the hilarious “How To with John Wilson”


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